America Care Development Organization newest project is “America Head of States”. America Head of States is a detailed hand carved wood sculptures of United States Presidents scheduled for completion in June 2022 with an exhibition. The Project covers the political era, history and events from George Washington to the current Presidency. It portrays various image sculptures of the United States political leadership behavior with highlights, and in-depth thoughts, ideas, reasons of what America was and has become. It is an overview of “what America has brought to the world” featuring the role leaders and the international players in staging and shaping the world, we live today.


Machine mineral stones / Rock ceramics shop

Sheet Metal & Fabrication

Wood Shop / Carpentry

Mig, Tig & Welding

Sewing, Weaving &Textiles

3D Printing Machines

Electronics & Robotics

Hands & Power Tools

CAD, CAM & CNC Programming

Artificial Intelligence Programming

Laser Engraving & Cutting

Agriculture / Fishing & Farming

Leather Works Shop

Smith & Jewelry Making

Art & Creativity

Project Never Beg Again:

We work with communities, artists, scholars and others, to position art and culture as a social economic fabric of community life and development diversified to inspire dialogue between cultures where creativity and innovation is pivotal to job creation

As a Private Voluntary Organization, we are moving forward to establish enabling factors with local stakeholders to create opportunities to strengthen the capacity of wide range of issues for job creation including sports, entrepreneurial   art, skill and development, creativities and participate in agriculture.

We want to unleash an integrated project work centers in different parts Nigeria where participating members are encouraged to learn in a small classroom. Youths can also form project partners. We want you, and the world wants you to succeed