America Care Development Organization Corporate Sponsor and Partnerships Programs are our best practices to stay engaged. They are invaluable sources of revenue including a positive social image and the foundation of important relationships. A corporate sponsorship is a form of support we receive from corporations for an event or other projects. The benefits help us and provide us the needs to continue serving our missions, while the company receives tax deductions and a positive boost in their brand.

The sponsorship comes in different forms

Financial: Donation in form of money to sponsor an event or program. Generally, financial sponsorships consist of company’s recognition through various event materials, such as signage, merchandise, and online advertising.

In-Kind: Donating product goods and services to an event, projects or humanitarian reasons is one of the challenges we face to alleviate poverty in the communities we serve.

Media: Media sponsorships consist of a company paying for the cost of promoting our event. Examples, radio promotions, TV ads, or printed advertisements.

Corporate/Employee Giving: Other kinds of giving are automatic payroll deductions, volunteer programs, and corporate matching gifts