It has been four hundred years since black man suffered oppression from the hands of white folks. There is no doubt that the agony of this human tragedy indeed afflicted heavy setbacks.

Can anyone explain why African artifacts are still sitting in the British Museum? Today some Iraqi artifacts have made their way to the United States. More so are the Ibo artifacts which were recently auctioned in Paris.

Black Africans did not seek for Europeans, they sought and annihilated the whole continent.  Brought to the United States by oppression, manhandled and reduced as animals. Life is a give and take, when you sew a bad seed it produces bad crops.

This is black man life in America. It is the seed you sew that you are dealing with. While here is not a forum to narrate the past history, it is pertinent to say that Black man has long forgiven their oppressors In every race there are good / bad / ugly and beautiful people but they all have equal rights


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