A political slogan and antics to eliminate poverty in America in the sixties by President Lyndon B Johnson may have sounded too good yet the outcome was different. The population targeted to benefit from the program are still yawning and worse off. There have been numerous other similar programs including the most recent “Make America Great Again” by President Donald J Trump portrays how good people intentions turned sour and the struggles continue.

While there are unanswered reasons and questions, we believe that man is naturally born into a social and cultural settings which plays in everyone’s life. This inherent behavior and traits of men explain the basic philosophical differences existing on the fundamental nature of man example (I, me, our we, always come first) (they, them, and others are secondary)

To say that we can achieve a perfect equilibrium in all mankind is an illusion, we can only try to accommodate each other not because we love each other but the believe that “All men are created Equal”.


Lyndon Johnson's Great Society